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Current Issue: September 2014
Cycling advocates drop by the Caltrans Pit Stop on Bike To Work Day and pose for  their signature Cycle Lift.

by  Maria Raptis
Issue Date: 06/2008

Spinning Wheels at Caltrans
Caltrans Participates in ‘Bike to Work Week’ With Giveaways, a Rest Stop and a Live Jazz Performance
The 14th annual Bike to Work Week kicked off Monday, May 12 at the California Department of Transportation (Caltrans) District Office Building and at nearly 30 other locations around the downtown area. But it was Bike to Work Day on Thursday, May 15 when the wheels started spinning.

For the first time, through the efforts of the Department’s bicycling program, Caltrans was an official partner and co-sponsor of Bike to Work Week with Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority (Metro) and many others to promote the event and provide safe “pit stops.”

 “It is very important for us at Caltrans to participate in these types of alternate transportation modes.  It is not just healthy for you and for the region but, for us in transportation, it is an important piece of the transportation element and one that needs to be treated more seriously by a greater number of people,” says Doug Failing, District 7 Director and a supporter of the Department’s goals for its cycling  commuters.
For several years, Failing has met with a bike advisory group or with its Caltrans liaison, Dale Benson, Senior Transportation Engineer, Local Assistance, for advice on how Caltrans can work better with the cycling community and make Caltrans’ transportation projects more user-friendly for cyclists as a commute option as well as for recreational enjoyment.
The week long event’s main purpose was to draw attention to what cyclists call the “Cyclists Bill of Rights,’ which advocates for safe travel and parking, protection through the California Vehicle Code, law enforcement and judicial system support, equal access to streets, and accommodations to roadway projects and improvements, signals, signage and maintenance standards are among some of those listed.  
During Bike to Work Day, Caltrans’ in- house band, Traffic Jam, entertained the crowd on the Plaza with popular smooth jazz and soft rock tunes with a five person ensemble playing bass guitar, guitar, keyboards, saxophone, and trumpet. Traffic Jam members are John Robertson on guitar, Xeryes Shay Banduk on guitar, Medardo De La Cruz  on keyboards, Robert Colvin on sax  and Eddie Issacs on trumpet.

Many of the giveaways were donated by Metro and included a bike map guide through Los Angeles County’s 1,252 miles of bike paths, street lanes and designated bike routes, bike paths access points, and locations of bike racks and lockers. 

Caltrans employees Dale Benson and Keith Sellers, Landscape Architect, organized the Department’s involvement for the week with an informational booth offering customized safe cycling routes for individuals, an educational guide for safe cycling habits for children, maps, a bike tire emergency repair kit and an opportunity to special order a cycling jersey top with the Caltrans logo.

For more information on Bike to Work Day and the Caltrans-supported bike program, please e-mail or call Dale Benson at 213-897-2934 or

Dale Benson, Caltrans Local Assistance, organizied Caltrans participation in Bike to Work Week.  Benson is signing the Cyclists Bill of Rights.  Cyclists and Caltrans employees take some time out to enjoy live music and get information on safe bike routes to work and leisure activities.  Deputy District Director Jim Hammer, Administration (on left) and Steven Box (right), a member of the Caltrans District 7 Bicycle Advisory Committee welcome and address crowd of cyclists who visited the Caltrans Pit Stop during Bike To Work Day activities. Caltrans inhouse band called Traffic Jam supported Bike to Work Day with a superb selection of smooth jazz.  Traffic Jam members are (from left) John Robertson on guitar, Xeryes Shay Banduk on guitar, Medardo De La Cruz  on keyboards, Robert Colvin on sax  and Eddie Issacs on trumpet.