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Current Issue: September 2014

Bike Commute Week is May 12-16

Issue Date: 05/2008

Bike to Work Day is Thursday, May 15 on the Caltrans District 7 Plaza 11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m.

Caltrans will participate in  Bike to Work Day with an information and display booth on Thursday, May 15.  Drop by for more information on how to commute safely by cycling and to find a safe commute bike route from your home to work.  Maps and routes for scenic rides will also be available.  Learn more about the the district's Bike to Work Committee and their efforts to advocate cycling as a safe alternative way to commute to work and support bicycle transportation in the community.  For any questions on the Caltrans effort for Bike to Work Week or Bike to Work Day, please contact Dale Benson, Local Assistance, at 213-897-2934.

Here are some suggestions for a safe bike ride into work:

One Week Before: 

Determine the route. Driving to work is not the same as to cycling to work. Choose roads that have wide outside lanes or paved shoulders. Drive the route during normal commute times to determine potential traffic problems. Then, bicycle the route on a weekend to examine the road surface for potential problem intersections and the approximate time it will take.

Talk to your employer. Inform your supervisor that you will be commuting by bicycle. Ask where the bicycle can be parked during working hours and if any advance arrangements need to be made.

Inspect your bike.  Make sure your bicycle is in proper working order. Not only should all the mechanical parts like, brakes, tires and gears,  be in good repair, but adjust the bicycle for proper seat and handlebar height. You must have a helmet, and at night a light is required.

The Day Before:

Dress for the Occasion.  Wear a helmet and comfortable cycling clothes.  Either pack a bag with your work clothes, or bring your attire the day before you cycle. Find a place to change and freshen up, and keep toiletries and a towel at work.

Pump Up.  Properly inflate the tires; if they are low, it will make riding more difficult.

The Day Of:

Do not cycle on an empty stomach.You need energy for your ride.  Eat a good breakfast and take something to eat along the way.

Get an early start.  The first time you bike to work, allow a more time than needed.  Remember that rush hour traffic may slow you down.