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Current Issue: September 2014
(L to R) Program/Project Management Deputy Tad Teferi, Chief Engineer Rick Land and District Director Doug Failing celebrate a four-peat.

by  Judy Gish
Issue Date: 11/2007

Capital Delivery Celebration recognizes the contributions of employees to District 7's success.

For the fourth year in a row, District 7 delivered 100% of 44 capital projects totaling $476 million.

And once again the celebration of that accomplishment was not only inspirational but also entertaining and fun. Before the comedy began, however, there was some serious recognition of the dedication and commitment required to produce those results.

“It’s very easy to be devoted to this district because of the people,” said District Director Doug Failing. “This level of production does not happen because of a Doug or a (Chief Deputy) Raja. It happens because every day you get up and do your best for the people of California.”

In addition to the Ready to List (RTL) projects delivered, three projects totaling over $712 million reached Project Approval and Environmental Document (PAED) phase, 40 projects totaling $467 million received Right of Way Certification (RWC) and 17 projects valued at $121 million went to Construction Contract Approval (CCA).

“Our 100% Capital Delivery achievement belongs to every employee in the district,” Failing said. “Each and every one of you, whatever job you do, contribute to the strength that is Caltrans.”  

Program/ Project Management Deputy Tad Teferi said that the district’s success is a direct result of the culture here. In this culture we: Honor all Commitments; hold that Success is the Only Option; Value our Partners; Value our Employees.

“This culture doesn’t exist by accident,” he said. “We come in at night, on weekends and holidays. We even postpone vacations. There are a lot of sacrifices being made.”

Guest speaker was Rick Land, Caltrans Chief Engineer, who called the district’s 100% delivery for the fourth year in a row “unprecedented.”

Then it was time for Steve Novotny, of the famed comedy duo Novotny and (Alberto) Angelini, to deliver the punch lines.  He began with a history of bonds, including savings bonds, chemical bonds, family bonds (e.g. Presidents Bush together on the golf course), bail bonds, Barry Bonds and, of course, James Bond.  Finally, he got to CMIA bonds, which he said was an acronym for Continual Misery Irritation and Agony. In reality, it stands for Corridor Management Improvement Account.

He came up with two examples of a roundabout, one standard and one after cost cutting measures—a couple of guys running around inside a giant hamster wheel. But Novotny had some ideas about how the district could save money and become more energy efficient: by creating a lake on top of the district office building which would spill over the side and power a large waterwheel. In addition to providing power for the building, we could sell the excess to our neighbors.

After the entertainment, Certificates of Recognition were handed out to employees who made outstanding contributions in the 2006/2007 fiscal year. They include

Andrew Yoon    
Benoni Maheia
Bill Addlespurger
Bill Varley
Cecillo Burciaga
Gregg Farr
Jeanne Bonfilio
Jeff DeFever
John K. Lee
John Njoroge
Juana Farol
Kevin Mai
Maria Katindig
Maria Martinez
Mercado De La Cruz
Osama Megalla
Rafael Benitez-Lopez
Reza Ameri
Sam Gallardo
Sheik Moinuddin
Stan Glowacki
Tanisha Butcher
Terry Martinez
Vincent Chen
Vuong Tran    



The work of each employee goes into achieving 100 percent delivery. (L to R) Program/Project Management Deputy Tad Teferi, Chief Deputy Raja Mitwasi, Chief Engineer Rick Land and District Director Doug Failing enjoy the show. (L to R) Alberto Angelini, Steve Novotny and Sam Ekrami are the creative team behind the ceremony. A proposed solution to the energy crisis and cash crunch: the District Office Building could sell cheap, abundant energy to City Hall.