Inside Seven
Current Issue: September 2014
Employee Spotlight

by  Jeanne Bonfilio
Issue Date: 10/2006

Robbie Miles: Going the extra "miles" for others...

After 25 years of exemplary state service as a valued, seasoned employee, Robbie Miles was rewarded for her devotion recently with a Superior Accomplishment Award. 

An Office Technician (General) for the Executive Support Unit for the past 11 years, Miles always greets people with a genuine warm and friendly demeanor along with a real enthusiasm to help others.  “Working at Caltrans is much more than work for me,” said Miles.  “I have come to know so many beautiful people and as a result I have enjoyed many meaningful relationships over the years,” she said. 

Deborah Robertson, Deputy District Director for External Affairs said that it gave her great pleasure to submit the Superior Accomplishment Award for 2006.  “As a senior support member of the Executive Support Unit, Robbie Miles continues to provide exemplary service in the areas of customer service and internal assistance to our partners, as well as the executive management team,” said Robertson.  “In addition to her daily responsibilities, she always demonstrates an eagerness to master all other tasks requested.  There’s a continued willingness to extend her assistance during periods of staff shortages and/or limited personnel.  Beyond handling her daily assignments, she is always looking for ways to improve the work process and bring about greater efficiency, whenever possible.” 

It’s no wonder Miles can do it all.  Prior to the 11 years working in the Executive Office, she spent 15 years in Administration , in no less than seven different units, including: Graphic Services, Microfilm Services, Claims, Automotive Management (Garage), Mailroom, Procurement and Cashiers.  So experienced is Miles that she has become known to many as, “The Princess of Multi-Tasking,” a nickname she proudly accepts.  “What I do, is what I ought to do,” said Miles.

According to Robertson, Miles also collaborated on various projects which helped to foster cooperation among co-workers as well as graciously assisted with external projects which supported the District’s proactive public outreach efforts.  “On many occasions, she has also taken the initiative to recommend procedures which enhance a process, and upon management’s approval, proceeds with implementation for the better of the entire unit,” added Robertson. 

It’s evident that whatever Robbie Miles does, she does it with loving care.  “It is with loads of love that I live my life and do my job at Caltrans,” added Miles. 

And it sure shows.  Going the extra “miles” for others is what Robbie is all about!