Inside Seven
Current Issue: September 2014
Directors Zone

by  Douglas R. Failing
Issue Date: 10/2006

There have been many successes since the last issue of the Inside Seven employee newsletter. In particular, for the third straight year, District 7 is number one in the state for project delivery!

There have been many successes since the last issue of the Inside Seven employee newsletter.  In particular, for the third straight year, District 7 is number one in the state for project delivery!  This is a wonderful accomplishment and it involves all employees, each and every one of you.  Because we work as a team, everyone is involved in

District 7’s high level of accomplishment.  And while being number one three years in a row is a truly amazing accomplishment in itself, it is more than that – it is being number one, and at the same time, keeping our costs low.  District 7 also has one of the lowest delivery costs of all Districts in the state.  In fact, in Capital Outlay, overhead costs here are the lowest of all Districts in California!  What that means is that the Caltrans team is working very, very well here at District 7.  Every Caltrans employee in Los Angeles and Ventura Counties is to be congratulated – and should be very proud.  And that is why I have been speaking about this and continually stressing the importance of what we all do together -- each person, each and every day -- that makes a difference.  I thank you all, personally, because it is what you do that allows me the freedom to accept the recognition that Caltrans has received, most recently in the Los Angeles Times WEST Magazine.  I am humbled when recognition comes at such a personal level, because I know that it is the Caltrans team that makes this type of recognition possible.  It would be absolutely impossible without the hard work of everyone here at District 7.  Thank you!


I would also like to thank everyone who recently either staffed or worked behind the scenes at the great Caltrans exhibit at the Los Angeles County Fair in Pomona.  I hope you all had a chance to see it and share in our pride.  It is a prime example of how Caltrans can be accessible to the public, showing the hard work we do and giving us a chance to interact with the general public.  Sometimes we may forget that what we do here is not about us – it’s about the public.  When we remember that, it can push us to a higher level of achievement.  And it is a great opportunity to get feedback from the people we serve.


In looking forward, may I remind everyone of the importance of voting in the upcoming November elections.  As Caltrans employees, it is important to be mindful in carrying forward the Department’s role when speaking with friends, family members and neighbors.  While certainly, it would not be to advocate – but to educate.  Being informed about these issues is key!  With this in mind, here are some important facts you might like to know about some upcoming propositions on the November ballot.


Proposition 1A is the new protection-of-transportation funding measure (the so-called "fix" to the language of 2002's Proposition 42, making it harder to divert future gas sales tax revenues away from transportation projects)
Proposition 1B is the $19.9-billion transportation bond (which also includes money for disaster preparedness and air quality)
Proposition 1C is the $2.8-billion housing bond (which includes money for urban parks)
Proposition 1D is the $10.4-billion education bond (K-12, community colleges, UC and CSU projects)
Proposition 1E is the $4.1-billion flood protection bond.


In closing, may I take this time to express my delight at the return of this Inside Seven employee newsletter.  It has been so nice to hear from so many employees about how valuable and informative they feel this publication has been over the years.  I would like to thank the Media Relations and Public Affairs team, including Jeanne Bonfilio, Judy Gish and Maria Raptis.  The team from Graphic Arts is also working hard to make the newsletter better than ever.  I know we are all looking forward to many great issues ahead!


Caltrans District 7 has much to be proud of and much to look forward to, together!  Once again, I thank you all.



District Director