Inside Seven
Current Issue: September 2014
Directors Zone

by  Douglas R. Failing
Issue Date: 08/2007

For over one hundred years, the great people of the state of California have trusted Caltrans to provide a safe and efficient world-class transportation system.  The public is still trusting us today with a major increase in Capital Outlay funds to continue to make meaningful transportation improvements, as well as to develop and implement new technologies to become more efficient in traffic operations. 

At the same time, Caltrans is also in the process of gaining new planning tools.  We are also improving our maintenance strategies by changing metal beam guardrails to the new concrete median barriers as we continue to become more efficient in our Maintenance programs.  By gaining these tools and making these changes and improvements, Caltrans will spend less time making repairs on the roadways, thereby reducing congestion and using our resources in the most effective manner possible.  

It is plain to see, Caltrans is always improving -- finding better, newer, faster, safer and more efficient ways to do the important work that we do.  I am asking that as individuals, we all focus on making improvements as well, through creativity, dependability, innovative thinking, problem solving and outstanding work ethics.

There is a need for each and every one of us to be as productive as possible with the resources that we have been given.  Personal accountability, doing our best and being as effective as we can possibly be about what we are doing – is what has given Caltrans the  reputation for professionalism, integrity and honesty that is has enjoyed for over a century.

We also have the ability to find ways to eliminate roadblocks by a conscious awareness of our work methods and procedures – and seeking out the best and most efficient techniques for construction, maintenance, design, planning, project management, right of way and operations.  Together – we make certain that our transportation system is always operating safely and efficiently.  We take the guardianship of the state highway system very seriously – knowing that it operates as an integral link with California’s cities, towns, ports and railways. 

Each of us should make a conscious effort on an individual level to take advantage of all of the tools coming to us.  And we must always remember our responsibility for the safe and efficient passage of our customers -- the people of the state of California -- who use and rely on our facilities to be the best in the world.  And with the best employees in the world, Caltrans will maintain the highest standards of excellence -- and remain the world’s leading developer of transportation services.