Inside Seven
Current Issue: September 2014
Members of the successful Caltrans soccer team. Front row, left to right: Fasika Tamirat, Francisco Castaneda, Jeff Aragaki, Aziz Elattar, Mazen Dabboussi and Diaa Yassin.  Back row, left to right: Shahe Terjimanian, Wilfrido Morales, Arturo Lao, Art Correa, Maen Shaar, Yves-Antoine Metellus, Maher Subeh and Francisco Martinez.

by  Jeanne Bonfilio
Issue Date: 06/2007

Teamwork rules -- on the soccer field and off!

Caltrans has always believed in the team effort.  There are Quality teams, Project Management teams, Value Analysis teams and many more – all working together with a specific objective – a common goal.  Whether working as a team or playing as team – the team approach can always yield positive results, and usually does, on and off the field.  And the newly formed Caltrans Soccer Team is no exception.  They’ve already proven themselves to be winners, scoring goal after goal after goal!

The idea of a Caltrans Soccer Team was initiated by team captain, Shahe Terjimanian, Transportation Engineer for Project Management.  He organized the team and coordinated games with the soccer team from the City of Los Angeles.  “On behalf of the entire team, we really want to take a moment to thank Shahe for all of his efforts,” said team member Maen Shaar, Senior Transportation Engineer (TE), Design Branch B.  He said that the idea to start a Caltrans District 7 Soccer Team spread quickly.  "In less than a week, we had enough interested and capable players for a talented team," added Shaar.  The team also sends their sincere appreciation to Refugio Dominguez for doing such an excellent job as a Center Referee. 

Other team members are: Aziz Elattar, Chief of Environmental Planning; Wilfrido Morales, TE, Design Branch A; Arturo Lao, TE, Design Branch D; Art Correa, Senior TE, Design Branch B; Yves-Antoine Metellus, TE, Construction; Maher Subeh, TE, Construction; Francisco Martinez, TE, Traffic Design; Fasika Tamirat, TE, Office of the District Traffic Manager; Francisco Castaneda, TE, Design Branch A; Jeff Aragaki, TE, Traffic; Mazen Dabboussi, TE, Local Assistance; and Diaa Yassin, Senior TE, Project Management.

The first test for the team was to play two games against the City of Los Angeles' team at Griffith Park.  The Caltrans team won the first match on April 5, 2007 by a score of 6-2; and on Thursday, April 12 the Caltrans team also won the second game with a score of

Working as teams and playing as teams not only helps to get the job done inside the office and out on the playing field -- but it also helps build a spirit of camaraderie and creates lifelong friendships.  Currently, the team is looking for a good soccer field and other teams to compete against. 

Anyone who is interested in the Caltrans Soccer Team can contact Shahe Terjimanian at (213) 897-2596.  Best of luck and continued success to the Caltrans Soccer Team!