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Guadalupe Ditches Relocation Project

Project Information

Description (General):
To improve safety by relocating the drainage ditches and other fixed objects to create a 30 foot clear recovery zone (CRZ) along two sections of Route 166 between Guadalupe and Santa Maria.

Reduce the potential and severity of run-off-road accidents. The 30 foot CRZ would allow errant vehicles more space to recover if they were to drive off the highway.

To remove all fixed objects within 30 feet from the edge of traveled way (white lane stripe) such as poles, culverts, and headwalls.

This project will be constructed in the summer of 2013 and is limited to May 1- October 31 as a permit requirement. The work involves the roadside only, not the pavement, so travel delays are not expected.

Draft Environmental Document

Final Environmental Document


Last updated: March 14, 2013