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Steering Committee

The Steering Committee consists of 18 member organizations that have volunteered to participate in guiding the plan's development. Chaired by Monterey County 5th District Supervisor Dave Potter, the members include:

Association of Monterey Bay Area Governments
Big Sur Land Use Advisory Committee
Big Sur Multi-Agency Advisory Council
Big Sur Chamber of Commerce
California Coastal Commission
California Department of Parks and Recreation
California Department of Transportation
California State Senate, 15th District (McPherson)
California State Assembly, 27th District (Keeley)
Coast Property Owners Association
Coast Watch
Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary
Monterey County, Department of Planning and Building
Monterey County, Supervisor District 5 (Potter)
Monterey County Convention and Visitor's Bureau
South Coast Advisory Committee
US House of Representatives, 17th District (Farr)
US Forest Service

The Steering Committee's adopted role statement is:

The Steering Committee will adopt a vision for the Highway 1 corridor, agree on overall goals and objectives for the CHMP and ensure its development accordingly. To this end, Steering Committee will:

  • Identify supporting products for successful development of the plan

  • Direct tasks of technical working groups on problem-solving activities that will become components of the CHMP

  • Review and consider intermediate products and recommendations from the technical working groups

  • Foster communication links between the organizations represented and the larger group of stakeholders with a view toward establishing a consensus on a course of action


In support of its role, the Steering Committee has adopted the following:

Draft Corridor Vision for the Highway 1 along the Big Sur Coast

Highway 1 along the Big Sur Coast is recognized locally, nationally and internationally for its rugged and spectacular beauty. The highway's passage through this area shall be experienced in an enjoyable and safe manner, while its management shall ensure preservation of the intrinsic qualities. This route shall continue to provide access and serve as the key transportation corridor between the northern and southern portions of the Big Sur coast.

Goal of the Big Sur Coast Highway Management Plan

The Big Sur Coast Highway Management Plan will establish the framework for continued safe and efficient operation of Highway 1 in a manner that restores, maintains and preserves the natural and scenic character of the corridor. The Plan's development and implementation will use a collaborative process to build consensus, address needs of multiple stakeholders and allow response to changing needs over time.

Objectives for the Big Sur Coast Highway Management Plan

  • Product. A plan which details a comprehensive and sustainable management strategy for the continued safe and efficient operation of Highway 1 in a manner that protects, maintains, and enhances corridor intrinsic qualities.

  • Process. Provide an appropriate process for effective resolution of corridor issues. The process shall embody the following principles:
    • A means to achieve a common understanding of needs, constraints and roles and responsibilities of various stakeholders
    • A tool for education and information

  • Action. Implementation will allow diverse application for agency and public use. In both content and format, the Plan will:
    • Be acceptable to multiple regulatory agencies as a mechanism for executing programmatic-level agreements and regulatory decisions.
    • Be effective in providing public information.
    • Provide a common standard of measurement to solve problems as they arise.
    • Provide Caltrans an additional tool for decision-making associated with planning, project development, construction, maintenance and operation practices.
Last updated: July 24, 2007