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Project Status

This table lists all projects along the coast highway from north to south with project status, location, and description. Click on a project name to view more information about each project.

Co Rte PM Range Status- Web Name Location Project
SLO 1 63.0/73.1 Planned Piedras Blancas Rail/Drain II Near San Simeon from 1.1 km S of the Piedras Blancas lighthouse to the SLO/MON county line. Upgrade guardrail and drainage structures.
SLO 1 72.0/23.0 Plant Establishment Mitigation Planting Project Various Locations Storm damage revegetation



1 SLO-71.3/ MON-72.3 Planned Disposal Sites 7 Locations San Carpoforo Cr. in SLO County to the Carmel River in Monterey County Designate disposal sites for debris
MON 1 0.3/0.9 Planned Culvert Replacement Two locations- 0.3 and 0.8 miles N of the San Luis Obispo County line. Replace culverts (2).
MON 1 1.5 Completed Forest Boundary Near Ragged Point at 0.7 miles S of San Carpoforo Creek Bridge. Repair slipout with concrete viaduct.
MON 1 6.7 Completed Grey Slip - Butress retaining wall.
MON 1 10.4 Planned Willow Springs Maintenance Station Willow Springs Maintenance Station. Construct new buildings.
MON 1 12.6 Candidate Plaskett Widening Near Big Sur from 1.04 MI. to 1.10 Mi. S of Plaskett Camp Rd. Construct Shoulder Widening.
MON 1 20.7 Completed Limekiln T-Wall 0.1 miles S of Limekiln State Park entrance. Repair T-Wall
MON 1 21.3 Candidate Pitkin's Curve Bridge Study Near Lucia at Limekiln Creek Bridge. Replace slide problem with bridge.
MON 1 21.9/22.1 Candidate Monastery Hill From 1.3 km to 1.6 km N of Limekiln Creek bridge. Construct retaining wall.
MON 1 25.1/29.1 Completed AC Overlay Near Lucia from 1.4 km S of Vicente Creek Bridge to 1.3 km N. of Big Creek Bridge. Place thin blanket AC overlay.
MON 1 25.65 Candidate Culver Replacement Near Lucia at .25 miles south of Vicente Creek Bridge Replace culverts. (2)
MON 1 26.3/26.6 Candidate Widening N of Lucia Three (3) miles north of Lucia along the Big Sur Coast. Widen west side shoulder.
MON 1 28.3 Planned Cow Cliffs From 0.2 km to 0.3 km N of Big Creek Bridge. Rockfall mitigation.
MON 1 36.4 Completed Lucia Retaining Wall Near Lucia at 4.3 km S of Sycamore Draw Bridge. Construct retaining wall.
MON 1 40.9 Candidate Old Faithful Near Big Sur at 1.8 km N of Torre Canyon Bridge. Rockfall mitigation.
MON 1 41.9 Candidate Shower Culvert   Culvert Replac'mt/ Splash Pad Installment.
MON 1 42.1/42.4 Under Construction Fullers Near Big Sur from 3.7 km to 4.2 km N of Torre Canyon Bridge. Install culvert and downdrains.
MON 1 44.4 Completed Ventana Retaining Wall Near Big Sur State Park at 1.1 miles S of Pfeiffer Canyon Bridge. Repair slipout.
MON 1 44.6 Candidate Timber Wall Near Big Sur at 2.3 km N of Castro Canyon Bridge. Replace culvert and downdrain.
MON 1 44.8 Under Construction Mixing Bowl Near Big Sur at 2.6 km N of Castro Canyon Bridge. Replace culvert and downdrain.
MON 1 44.9 Candidate Big Sur Landslide Near Big Sur at 2.8 km N of Castro Canyon Bridge. Install subsurface drainage.
MON 1 45.4 Candidate Post Notch Near Big Sur at 0.2 km S of Pfieffer Canyon Bridge. Replace culvert.
MON 1 48.8 Candidate River Inn Near Big Sur at 3.5 km N of the Big Sur River Bridge. Replace culvert.
MON 1 56.7 Completed Crooked Pipe Near Big Sur at 1.0 km N of the Little Sur River Bridge. Replace culvert.
MON 1 60.2 Completed Rocky Creek Slipout Near Carmel 0.2 km N of Rocky Creek Bridge. Repair slipout.
MON 1 63.6 Candidate Debris Rack Near Garrapata State Park. Install debris rack.
MON 1 65.3 Candidate Garrapata #3 7 miles S of Carmel River bridge- near Garrapata State Park. Replace culvert.
MON 1 69.5 Completed Fern Canyon At 0.2 mile S of Fern Canyon/Corona Roads. Install culvert.
Last updated: July 31, 2007