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Past Events and Meetings

Steering Committee Meetings
Working Group Meetings
Public Meetings
Landslide Presentation
Other Meetings

Past Events

Big Sur Multi Agency Advisory Council Meeting
February 6, 2004
At this quarterly meeting held at the Big Sur Lodge at Julia Pfeiffer-Big Sur State Park, the public had an opportunity to discuss the Preliminary Final CHMP and the responses to public comment received in Summer 2003.
Informational Open Houses (Draft CHMP)
Big Sur, Tuesday, July 29, 2003 4:00 - 7:00 PM Big Sur Lodge In Pfeiffer Big Sur State Park
Carmel, Wednesday, July 31, 2003 4:00 - 7:00 PM Crossroads Community Room 243 Crossroads Boulevard
Cambria, Thurdsay, August 7, 2003 4:00 - 7:00 PM Vetrans Memorial Building 1000 Main Street

Steering Committee

Steering Committee Meeting




10- 26-2000

Working Groups

Storm Damage Response and Repair:
May 12, 2000 - Marine Sediment Budget Technical Session
September 15, 2000 - Key Issue Review, Organize Subgroups
October 13, 2000 - Definitions of Emergency for Highway Repair and Permits
November 15, 2000 - Refine Preliminary Recommendations for Emergencies
January 25, 2001- "Living with Landslides", Repair & Management Techniques
February 22, 2001 - Sub-group "Pre-Planning & Enabling" - Integrated Disposal Strategy
March 8, 2001 - Sub-group "Pre-Planning & Enabling" - Integrated Disposal Strategy (cont'd)
April 20, 2001 - Interagency Managers Strategy Session
June 20, 2001 - Site Restoration & Revegetation
July 27, 2001 - Exploring Alternatives for Landslide Material Disposal
September 28, 2001- Technical Information Review: Geology and Landslides; Offshore Impacts
from Material Disposal
November 6, 2001- Review Draft Management Strategies, Guidelines for Emergency Notification;
Pitkins Curve Pilot Proposal
March 5, 2002- Technical Session, Overview of Scientific Information Available; Opportunities to Fill
Data Gaps; Applied Science to Management Strategies; Review Shoreline Habitat at Pitkins Curve
March 29, 2002- Policy Session, Progress Review Since 4/20/01 Session and Establish Direction

Maintenance Practices:
September 20, 2000 - Key Issue Review / CT Maintenance Overview
November 9, 2000 - Managing Roadsides (vegetation and drainages)
May 2, 2001 - Field Review - Managing Roadsides - Field Review

Public Access and Recreation:
May 16, 2001 - Initiation of WG, Highway Messaging and Travel Advisories
May 23, 2002- Inventory Review, Transportation Planning, Management Strategy Development

Scenic & Habitat Conservation:
July 27, 2000 - Roadway Safety and Scenic Integrity: Rockfall Protection (Public Workshop)
September 20, 2000 - Key Issue Review
September 27-28, 2000 - Scenic Conservation Planning Workshop
November 9, 2000 - Preliminary Action Plan (Planting, Wildlife Corridors); Intro to Bridge Rail
January 17, 2001 - Follow-up to Preliminary Action Plan; Intro to Roadway Signs
February 16, 2001- Field Review - Roadway Sign Review
May 10, 2001 - Field Review - Utilities
May 16, 2001 - Call Boxes and Results of CT Sign Audit
June 20, 2001 - Traffic Safety-Delineation and Guardrail

Plan Implementation:
July 27, 2001 - Forming a Byway Organization
October 17, 2001- Proposed Byway Organization Structure

Public Meetings

Caltrans held an Open House meeting on March 1 in Big Sur. Caltrans staff and Consultant team members provided an overview of the plan process, an introduction to the Corridor Inventory effort and outlined future steps for implement the management plan. Community input was solicited on the corridor vision and intrinsic qualities that were surveyed in the Corridor Inventory.
Open House Meeting

Other Past Events

CHMP Quarterly Update to Big Sur Multi-Agency Advisory Council. May 18th , 2001.
Location: Big Sur Lodge, Big Sur.

Solutions to Coastal Disasters Conference, February 24-27, 2002
Location: San Diego, CA.

Living with Landslides - Presentation

This presentation was originally presented to the storm damage working group on January 25, 2001. Caltrans Senior Engineering Geologist John Duffy discussed the primary causes of landslides and the techniques available for repairing roadways affected by landslides. Three basic strategies are available:

  • Relocate the roadway from the instability
  • Stabilize the terrain that is sliding
  • Manage the instability and protect the roadway

There is a growing emphasis on implementing responsible repairs that are less environmentally damaging and reopen the roadway quickly. However, different repair techniques vary in degrees of impact, time to re-opening the roadway and long term stability. Tradeoffs to long-term stability may create short-term inconveniences.

Case studies of landslides in Big Sur are reviewed and the evolution of repair techniques and new technologies is explored.

Members of the planning team are available to give presentations to provide an overview of the CHMP as well as specific subjects, such as Living with Landslides, presented by Geologist John Duffy.


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