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Caltrans has been working in partnership with the Council of San Benito County Governments (SBCOG) and the Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority (VTA) since 2001 to reduce congestion and improve safety and operations on Route 25. Over time, with input from Caltransí partners and the public, this project has evolved.

As of mid-2007, the project proposed to widen 10.6 miles of Route 25 in San Benito and Santa Clara counties from the existing two-lane highway to a four-lane expressway. In late 2007, Caltrans proposed a route adoption for the 11.2-mile stretch of highway from San Felipe Road in Hollister to Highway 101. A route adoption establishes and documents an exact alignment and location of the route in the San Benito County and Santa Clara County General Plans, allowing the public to know where the expressway would be built. As transportation funds become available, portions of the expressway can be constructed.

Both of the route adoption alternatives—Alternatives 1 and 2—are 11.2 miles long and share the same alignment from ½ mile south of Shore Road in San Benito County to U.S. 101 in Santa Clara County. Between ½ mile south of Shore Road and the southern end of the proposed project at San Felipe Road, the two proposed route adoption alternatives separate. Alternative 1 would be aligned generally to the east of the existing highway. Alternative 2 would be aligned mostly to the west of the existing two-lane highway. Both alignments would be wide enough to accommodate a future four-lane expressway, which would be 342 feet in width including the median, and frontage roads on one or both sides. The alignments would also be wide enough to accommodate an interchange near the existing intersection of State Route 25 and State Route 156 and a replacement State Route 25/U.S. 101 interchange north of the existing interchange. Other improvements include new bridges over the Pajaro River and Carnadero Creek, and overcrossings of the Union Pacific Railroad Hollister branch line and the Union Pacific Railroad main line just east of U.S. 101.

The project also proposes two build alternatives, Alternatives A and B. These alternatives would extend 3.8 miles in San Benito County, from San Felipe Road in Hollister to just west of Hudner Lane. A four-lane expressway would replace the existing two-lane conventional highway. Alternative A would be constructed at the southeastern end of the Alternative 1 route adoption alignment. Alternative B would be constructed at the southwestern end of the Alternative 2 route adoption alignment. Unlike the route adoption alternatives, the build alternatives propose a realigned and widened at-grade intersection—instead of an interchange—at State Route 25 and State Route 156.

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Currently, this project is funded to complete the Preliminary Design and Environmental Analysis phase of the project development process.

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Public Hearing

After the Draft Environmental Impact Statement/Environmental Impact Report is completed and released for circulation in April 2010, the project team will hold a Public Hearing on May 11, 2010.


What When
Public Review of Draft Environmental Document April 26-June 10, 2010
Public Hearing May 11, 2010
Preferred Alternative Identified Summer 2010
Publish Final Environmental Document May 2011

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