Design Memoranda

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Date Memo Title
12/23/2016 Implementation of the Manual for Assessing Safety Hardware (MASH)
07/15/2016 Implementation of Rock Slope Protection (RSP) Design
02/02/2015 CTC Action on Route Adoptions and New Public Road Connnections
09/19/2014 Microstation, Caltrans Standard Drafting Software
06/26/2014 Water Conservation for Highway Construction Projects
04/10/2014 Design Flexibility in Multimodal Design
03/11/2014 Evaluation of Current Planting Work
03/04/2014 Division of Construction CPD 14-1 Water Conservation
02/27/2014 Implementation of Civil 3D
02/06/2014 Division of Maintenance - Water Conservation and Drought Action Plan
02/06/2014 Caltrans Water Conservation and Drought Action Plan
11/25/2013 Electrical Design Standards for Advertised Projects
10/01/2013 Design Information Bulletin (DIB) 82-05 - supercedes DIB 82-04
06/07/2013 Division of Design Policy Updates
02/26/2013 Constructability Reviews
10/05/2012 Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA) Compliance
06/11/2012 Additional Guidelines on Curb Ramp Scoping and Design
05/04/2011 Highway Planting Cost per Acre and Water Assessment Fee Limits
03/16/2011 Design Information Bulletin (DIB) 81-01 - supercedes DIB 81
08/19/2010 Landscape Architecture Program - Water Conservation
01/09/2009 Small Capital Value Projects - Project Initiation Documents
07/18/2008 Landscape Architecture Program - Water Conservation
06/16/2008 Implementing Assembly Bill 1531
11/19/2007 Design Information Bulletin (DIB) 79-03 - supercedes DIB 79-02
03/07/2007 Use of Life Cycle Cost Analyses for Pavements
11/30/2006 Design Information Bulletin (DIB) 86 - Selecting Asphalt Binder Type
10/02/2006 Design Information Bulletin 83-04 - Caltrans Supplement to FHWA Culvert Repair Practices Manual - updated 8-01-2014
08/11/2006 Preparing Pending Projects for Advertisement
06/16/2006 Declaration of Units of Measure - "English" or "Metric" Project
04/07/2006 Archiving As-Built Plans
01/26/2006 District Stewardship Responsibilities for Federally Eligible State Highway Projects
12/14/2005 Certification of Project Cost Estimate
10/04/2005 Relinquishment of State Highways by Legislative Enactment
09/15/2005 Engineer Estimates
08/02/2005 U.S. Customary Units (English) Primer
04/29/2005 Cooperative Agreements
02/21/2005 Metric to U.S. Customary Units (English) Transition Team and Website
01/13/2005 Gateway Monument Demonstration Program
11/17/2004 Implementation and Distribution of the July 2004 Standard Plans
08/27/2004 CADD Users Manual Update
08/20/2004 Metric to U.S. Customary Units (English) Transition
07/30/2004 Cross-Section Preparation and Delivery
06/28/2004 Longer-Life Pavements
06/21/2004 Bid Item Price Escalation
12/16/2003 Project Shelf Guidance
12/09/2003 Hazardous Material Remediation for Special Funded and Jointly Funded Projects
12/05/2003 Processing of Department Resolutions of Necessity (RON) through the California Transportation Commission (CTC), County Board of Superviosrs (Board) or City Councils (Council)
10/03/2003 Revised Design Information Bulletin (DIB) 80 - Roundabouts - RETIRED - See Highway Design Manual Chapter 400
08/05/2003 Transportation Art Policy
07/23/2003 Clarification of Value Enhancement for New Public Road Connections to Controlled Access Highways
11/26/2002 Tire Shreds in Civil Engineering Applications
11/26/2002 Resolution of Necessity (First and Second Level Reviews) Guidelines for Local Agencies Performing Work on the State Highway System
110/8/2002 Separate Contract Policy for Highway Planting Projects
09/30/2002 Guidelines for Use of A+B Bidding Provisions
09/27/2002 Reaffirmation of Metric Policy
09/25/2002 Caltrans Storm Water Quality Handbook - Project Planning and Design Guide
05/24/2002 Memorandum of Understanding for Perfection of Title along Existing Segments of Highway Through United States Forest Service Lands in the State of California
04/25/2002 Exception to High and Low Risk Policy for the Statewide Exit Number and Vertical Clearance Sign Projects
03/26/2002 Purpose, Application and Approval Authority for Exceptions to Design Standards
12/12/2001 Designated Disposal, Staging, and Borrow Sites
12/10/2001 Local Agency Guideline for Right of Way Acquisition on State Highway System and Contracting Out
PSR (PDS) Guidance: Project Initiation Documents for Project Development Support Components
PSR (PDS) Exception Fact Sheet
03/06/2001 Use of 200-mm vertical extension on Type 50 Barrier
02/28/2001 Construction Contract Time
10/31/2000 As-Built Plans
09/25/2000 Fact sheet for Exceptions to Mandatory Design Standards
09/20/2000 CTC Action on Route Adoptions and New Public Road Connections
07/28/2000 Implementation of Change Control
06/12/2000 Delegation of Authority for Use of A+B Bidding and Incentive/Disincentive (I/D) Provisions
03/30/2000 Vertical Clearances on the Rural and Single Interstate Routing System
02/16/2000 Congestion Mitigation and Air Quality Improvement Funding memorandum
01/05/2000 Ramp Meter Design Manual
12/28/1999 Coastal Commission Involvement
12/15/1999 Maintaining Vertical and Horizontal Clearances Memorandum
12/08/1999 Guidelines for the Preparation of Project Study Reports
11/22/1999 Annual Review of Project Scope, Cost and Schedule
11/02/1999 Flexibility in Highway Design Memorandum
10/22/1999 Dual Units on Encroachment Permit Projects Memorandum
08/13/1999 District Delegation
06/04/1999 Design Senior Responsibilities
09/30/1998 Roadside Paving Memorandum
02/04/1998 Project Engineer Responsibilities
02/10/1997 Safety Memorandum
01/02/1996 Design Speeds Memorandum

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