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A Sustainable Transportation System

Sustainable Transportation System
Sustainable Transportation System

A sustainable transportation system balances stewardship of social, environmental and economic resources for the long-term public good.

Sustainability describes the degree to which human activities are enhancing economic, social and environmental vitality over the long-term. Our Sustainability principles emphasize transportation facilities that are designed and operated to provide long term benefits to people, the planet, and our common prosperity.

Social Sustainability

Sustainable transportation - people

Social Sustainability involves stewardship that improves the safety, health and quality of life for workers, travelers and communities. Caltrans promotes Social Sustainability in the following areas:

Environmental Sustainability

Sustainable transportation - planet

Environmental Sustainability entails complying with legal mandates, and proactive stewardship decisions and actions to improve ecological health and resiliency. Caltrans promotes Environmental Sustainability in the following areas:

Economic Sustainability

Sustainable transportation - prosperity

Economic Sustainability includes stewardship that yields prudent life-cycle fiscal investments and management of physical assets; and accountability to taxpayers for project costs and delivery schedules. Caltrans promotes Economic Sustainability in the following areas:

Strategic Innovation and Partnerships

Strategic Innovation and Partnership
Sustainable Transportation System

The center area of overlap identifies the highest degree of sustainability. Arriving at this optimal level requires Strategic Innovation and Partnerships.

Strategic Innovations

Strategic Innovation

Strategic Innovation is necessary to meet evolving sustainability challenges. Caltrans has long employed the Corporate Activity Cycle (see page 2 for more information), to inspire strategic innovations and continual improvement of best practices. Areas in which Caltrans employs Strategic Innovation to achieve sustainability targets includes:

Effective Partnerships

Effective Partnerships

Effective Partnerships are essential to meet the most pressing sustainability challenges. Caltrans can be an influential and effective partner in meeting state and federal sustainability goals such as reducing greenhouse gas emissions, linking land-use with transportation facilities using smart mobility principles, and making meaningful strides in promoting public transit and active transportation. Caltrans employs Effective Partnerships to meet sustainability goals with the following partners, stakeholders and activities:

  • California State Transportation Agency (CalSTA)
  • The California Transportation Plan
  • The California State Rail Plan
  • Self-Help Counties Coalition
  • MPO & RTPA Coordination (SB 375- Sustainable Communities Strategies)
  • National Participation with Federal Transportation Entities
  • Collaboration with California Departments, Agencies and Programs