Wall Structure Aesthetic Guidelines

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Photo of aesthetic wall in Riverside, CA.
Aesthetic Wall Structure

An wall structure added as part of the State Route 91 congestion relief project in Riverside California included aesthetic elements that reinforce the imagery of the nearby historic Mission Inn.

Design Information Bulletin (DIB) 88

Issued January 22, 2016

DIB 88, "Wall Structure Aesthetic Guidelines" is now available on the Division of Design website and is effective as January 22, 2016. Projects, where project development efforts have started, shall comply with Highway Design Manual (HDM) Index 82.5 for Implementing Design Revisions to Design Standards.

DIB 88 provides design guidance and procedures to improve the quality and constructibility of aesthetic treatments for wall structures on the State Highway System. It was developed in collaboration with the construction industry to minimize constructibility issues and meet the aesthetic expectations of stakeholders.

If you have any questions on the Division of Design related guidance in this DIB, or if training is desired in the Region or District, contact Keith Robinson, Principle Landscape Architect, Division of Design, at (916) 654-6200. If you have any questions on the Division of Engineering Services related guidance in this DIB, contact Bob Travis, Division of Engineering Services at
(916) 227-3962. Project specific application and questions should be referred to the Division of Design Landscape Architecture District Coordinators.

Click here to download Design Information Bulletin 88.