Community Identification

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Photo of Community ID in Salinas
Community Identification in Salinas


Caltrans recognizes and supports the concept of enriching the cultural and visual environment for transportation system users and local communities by using a collaborative approach to facilitate and coordinate integration of community identification within the State highway right-of-way.

Community identification is defined as images or text that conveys information about a region, community, or area. There may be a local desire for new and existing transportation facilities to represent the communities in which they are located.

Required engineered highway features, such as, but not limited to, sound walls, retaining walls, bridges, bridge abutments, bridge rails, and slope paving, may provide the opportunity for the placement of visual, graphic, or sculptural representations of a community’s identity, including its history, resources, or other defining characteristics.

Community identification will typically be provided and maintained by the local agency.

Community identification differs from transportation art in that community identification may include text and must be placed on a required engineered highway feature.

Community identification differs from gateway monuments in that a gateway monument is defined as any freestanding structure or sign, not integral to required highway facilities.

Community Identification policy is described in Chapter 29 of Caltrans Project Development Procedures Manual. Click here to read about Community Identification.

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