Submitting a Request for Reclassification

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Before submitting a request to classify a section of freeway as a landscaped freeway, or to declassify a section of freeway classified as a landscaped freeway, please do the following:

1. Review the Following Sections of the Outdoor Advertising Act and California Code of Regulations

Outdoor Advertising Act - Business and Professions Code

Section  5216.  Landscaped freeway

Section 5440.  Advertising displays adjacent to landscaped freeways

Section 5440.1.  Displays adjacent to officially designated scenic highway or scenic byway

California Code Of Regulations - Outdoor Advertising Regulations

Section 2242.  Definitions:

    (g) Continuous Planting

    (r) Ornamental Vegetation

    (v) Planting

Section 2507.  Landscaped Freeway-Minimum Length

Section 2508.  Change in Freeway Character-Criteria and Inspection

Section 2511.  Retention of Classification

Section 2512.  Request for Reclassification

2. Lookup Post Mile Information for a Section of Freeway or Spot Location Using the Postmile Services Post Mile Query Tool

3. Classification Requests

4. Declassification Requests

  • Contact the District Landscape Architect to determine if a future roadway construction project with highway planting work or a replacement highway planting project is either under construction or planned for the proposed location of the declassification request. Refer to the California Code of Regulations, Outdoor Advertising Regulations, Section 2511, Retention of Classification. For the Caltrans District Landscape Architect contact list, refer to:

  • Review the site looking for ornamental vegetation landscape plantings on both sides of the freeway or in the median adjacent to the proposed location of the advertising display.  If the opposite side of the freeway or the median is landscaped with ornamental vegetation plantings then both sides of the freeway are considered classified.


Updated March 15, 2018