Aesthetics Research

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Photo of stained guardrail
Roadside Aesthetics Research

Caltrans Roadside Aesthetics Research is dedicated to discovering barrier and guardrailing systems that improve traveler safety as well as conserve local aesthetic visual resources.

Aesthetic Guardrail and Concrete Barriers

Caltrans Landscape Architecture Program has partnered with the Division of Research and Innovation on a number of research projects to identify and develop non‐proprietary, low-maintenance, aesthetically acceptable guardrail systems. Low‐maintenance guardrail systems decrease the time the traveling public is subject to traffic delays, and reduces the amount of time maintenance crews are at risk of injury when repairing damaged guardrail. A number of new guardrail and barrier designs were developed to meet California's need for an aesthetically pleasing guardrail and barriers that also survive vehicular impacts with minimal or no damage.

Please visit our roadside aesthetics web page to view currently approved aesthetic low maintenance guardrail and concrete barrier devices.


Updated: Oct 14, 2016