New Products Review Process

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Caltrans New Products Process
New Products

Different approaches frequently require new products. Caltrans has a process for the review of new roadside products.

Caltrans New Product Evaluation Guidelines outline the new products approval process, including the estimated time necessary to complete the process, and provide direction to Departmental units involved in review, assessment and evaluation of new products. The new products review process and the approved Pre-Qualified Products List can be found at the New Products Review webpage.

Please note that Caltrans does not have an approved "Pre-Qualified Products List" for landscape or erosion control products. Product vendors are encouraged to first determine if their product meets Caltrans specifications. If a product meets our specifications, there is no need to submit for a new product evaluation. Vendors are free to market their products that meet Caltrans specifications to contractors who bid on Caltrans projects. The Caltrans Advertised Projects web page is useful for Contractors and vendors to see if the contract scope of work and bid items include their expertise and/or product types. See the All Advertised Projects and All Upcoming Projects links on that page.