Project Development Procedures Manual Resources for Landscape Architects

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Caltrans Project Development Procedures Manual Resources for Landscape Architects
Project Development Procedures Manual (PDPM) for Landscape Architects

A highlight of topics related to Landscape Architecture.

The Project Development Procedures Manual (PDPM) addresses policies and procedures, roles and responsibilities, transportation planning, and procedural standards and guidelines applicable to the project development process from project initiation through construction.  For an excellent and quick view of the entire project development process, see How Caltrans Builds Projects.  Then consider taking the online course, Introduction to the Project Development Process.

The policies and procedures that guide landscape architects in their responsibilities through the project development process are primarily found in Chapter 29 (PDF) , “Landscape Architecture”.  Provided are definitions, general policies, roles and responsibilities, the project development process, and policies and procedures on topics such as highway planting, safety roadside rest areas, vista points, aesthetics, transportation art, community identification, and gateway monuments.

Below are Chapters, and Topics in which Landscape Architects are typically involved:



Chapter 1          Introduction                                                                              07/01/99L
   --Section 4 – Transportation Planning leads to Project Development   
                Article 3 – Regional and System Planning

Chapter 2          Roles and Responsibilities                                                     02/12/16
--Section 1 – Headquarters Division of Design
--Section 8 – Use of Consultants

Chapter 3          Involvement of Caltrans Functional Units                          12/18/15
--Section 12 – Landscape Architecture

Chapter 8          Overview of Project Development                                     02/12/16
--Section 4 – Project Development Team
--Section 7 – Policies and Procedures that Span the Project Development Process
--Article 7 – Owner-Operator Considerations

Chapter 12        Project Approvals and Changes to Approved Projects  02/12/16
--Section 4 – Other Caltrans Reports that Approve Projects

Chapter 14        Preparation of Project Plans                                              06/21/13L
--Section 2 – Preliminary Plans
----Article 2 – Geometric Base Maps
--Section 3 – Final Plans
----Article 4 – The Project Plans

Chapter 20        Project Development Cost Estimates                             10/09/14L
--Section 1 – Project Cost Estimating
----Article 5 – Coordination with Other Functional Units and Agencies

Chapter 22        Community Involvement                                                    07/01/99L
----Article 3 – Securing Governmental Consent to Projects

Chapter 29        Landscape Architecture                                                    06/21/13L


Appendix D      Preparation Guidelines for Project Report
                              (New Highway Planting or Roadside Rehabilitation) 01/10/14L

Appendix E       Preparation Guidelines for Project Study Report Data Sheet
                              (New Highway Planting and Highway Planting Restoration) 01/18/05

Appendix M     Preparation Guidelines for Project Report
                              (Safety Roadside Rest Area)                                                    01/18/05

Appendix Q      Preparation Guidelines for Project Report                                                           
                              (Roadside Safety Improvements)                                         01/10/14M

Appendix X      Preparation Guidelines for Project Study Report               
                              (Safety Roadside Rest Area)                                                    09/02/08

Appendix EE    Highway Planting “One Liner” and
                              Design Intent Statement (DIS)