Conservation Rebate Information

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Caltrans landscape design guidance
Water Conservation Rebate Information

Many local water agencies offer rebates for installing devices that conserve water such as "smart" irrigation controllers that automatically adjust the water applied based upon current weather conditions.

Water Conservation Rebate Information

Caltrans has received over $700,000 in rebates from various sources.  The rebates are incentives that are provided to water customers like Caltrans when turf is removed and replaced with a less water intensive landscape. Money can be given back to Caltrans to help offset the improvement cost.  You are encouraged to research the rebate sources that may be available to the Department, and request these rebates for Caltrans. Check out some of the great rebate incentives available for your water conservation projects. The SoCal Water Smart Commercial Program offers the following rebates:

  • $100 - $145 rebate per toilet
  • $140 – $1,680 rebate for Irrigation Controller ($35 per station)
  • $2.00 rebate per square foot for Turf removal

Below is useful information on how to capture the rebate money for Caltrans.



Rebate program internal processing and invoice request to accounts receivable (ADM-4025)
Here are instructions for submitting rebate checks for reimbursement abatement processing.  Please follow this process to ensure the rebate checks for the smart irrigation controllers, irrigation valves, toilets and other water conservation upgrades are properly abated (sent) back to the Caltrans. 


Project ID
Check Number
Payable to: California Department of Transportation

Checks with Invoice Request Form ADM-4025 are to be mailed to Cashiering:

Department of Transportation
Cashiering Office MS 58
P.O. Box 168019
Sacramento, Ca 95816

A copy of Checks with Invoice Request Form ADM-4025 are to be mailed to HQ Maintenance:

Department of Transportation
Attn: Onjee Gonzales
Division of Maintenance
Office of Budgets, Planning, & Monitoring, MS-31


A copy is to be filled out and included with each rebate check

    • Fill out the following fields on the above form: Date, Requested By, District/Division, Business Phone Number, Contact Person For Coding, District/Division, Business Phone Number
    • Mark the Abatement box
    • Complete the following:  Payor/Vendor: (SoCal), Check # (SoCal warrant #), Amount to Bill (this is invoice amount/warrant amount of SoCal),  Reason For Request
    • HQ Accounts Receivable Abatements will complete the Vendor/Customer-VC if not known by Form Submitter
    • Fill out Unit, Project, Phase, Object, Amount and Budget Fiscal Year on the Form
    • If you don’t know this information, the District Project Control person or Budget Officer can help you

Send a copy of the check and a copy of the Invoice Request Form ADM-4025 via email to Tharshiga Renganathan. Also (CC: Tamara L. Warren, Section Chief Abatements & Reimbursements)

Here are some helpful tips; not all inclusive, to help in abating the monies to the SHOPP Program:

  • Must know the exact phase of the project and if it is a capital or support project
  • The project and phase must be active
  • To check: Go to Page Code – PROG, click go-enter.  Click Search-place Dept 2660 and AMS Project ID(10 digits)  
  • View Header and Active tab-will show Yes or No for status
  • To verify how many phases of Project-Go to Page Code-PHPRH, click go. Click Search-Dept (2660), Phase (leave blank), Project (10 digits)-click OK
  • All phases will show-view General Information tab for project info and view the header Active tab for phase status
  • Then, based on given project and phase an analysis will need to be performed to the funding profile, funding priority and funding line on the project and phase provided to view down to the PEC/PECT level to show SHOPP (2020201/2010201).
  • FPI2 for Capital and FPIBFY for support.  Go to Page Code, FPI2 or FPIBFY, click go-click search-Dept (2660), Phase (leave blank), Project (10 digits)-click OK
  • The Funding Profiles (FP) will show.  Write down FPs or screen print.
  • To check:  Go to Page Code- FPRFLST, click OK.  Dept(2660), Funding Profile (6 digits), click Browse
  • To view this FP, click on View Funding Profile. Left hand side, click on Funding Priority to view all
  • It may be necessary to go through the entire list of Funding Profiles to identify the correct one
  • To view each Funding Line, left hand side, click on Funding Line.  Click on down arrow to expand all and view
  • Go to the Front End Split to review Appropriation (13302) and PEC (2020201-Capital and 2010201-Support)
  • The Appropriation will show which Budget Fiscal Year to use (example above BFY=2013)
  • To verify PEC coding for SHOPP-Go to Page Code, FUNC, click go.  Click Search.  Enter Fiscal Year (example above 2013), enter PEC (2020201), click Ok
  • Verify the PEC by PEC number and Name (if SHOPP, should say State Highway Operation and Protection Program)
  • Added information-it is critical for the Unit to match with the phase and that the expenditures were incurred for the purpose of the Smart Irrigation Controllers accordingly

Tamara L. Warren, Section Chief
Abatements & Reimbursements - North
Office of Receivables, Systems & Administration
Division of Accounting, Dept. of Transportation
State of California
(916) 227-9251  Fax (916) 227-9733

Onjee Gonzales
Budget Analyst
Division of Maintenance
Office of Budgets, Planning, & Monitoring, MS-31
Phone:  (916) 653-3245

Jack Broadbent, Chief
Office of Landscape Architectural Procedures and Standards
Division of Design, Dept. of Transportation
Landscape Architecture Program, MS-28
Phone:  (916) 653-3170




Updated: Nov 8, 2016