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Inquiry #1: Plan sheet SD-1 states in Note 2 that the removal of overhead signs is included in the item of the work install overhead sign. However bid item 79 is for "Remove Bridge Mounted Sign". How are the overhead sign removals paid for?
Inquiry submitted 11/14/2018

Response #1:submitted for consideration
Response posted 11/14/2018

Inquiry #2: The Stage Construction Drawing SC-1 (Sheet 33 of the plans) shows work beginning on the west side of the bridge at Pipeline (Stage 4). However, correlating Traffic Handling Plan TH-2 (Sheet 35, labeled Stage 2A) and Structure Plans for Pipeline Avenue OC (Sheets 184 – 214) show work beginning on the east side of the bridge. Please clarify this discrepancy in the Stage Construction Drawing and confirm work begins on the east side of the Pipeline OC Bridge.
Inquiry submitted 12/05/2018

Response #1:submitted for consideration
Response posted 12/05/2018

Inquiry #3: Per the Layout and Staging Drawings, the 10' Shoulder widening is to be done with Lane Closures. Would the state be open to changing the structural section to eliminate the Aggregate Base and thickening the Asphalt section?
Inquiry submitted 12/07/2018

Response #1:submitted for consideration
Response posted 12/10/2018

Inquiry #4: Please reference the "Bent Details" Sheets for each of the bridge structures. The plans call for a mandatory construction joint in the bent cap that is to be poured with the Bridge Deck (Polymer Fiber). Please review Bid Item #64 quantities, as this quantity does not seem to be accounted for.
Inquiry submitted 12/12/2018

Response #1:submitted for consideration
Response posted 12/12/2018

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