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Inquiry #1: Sheet E-39 (Pg. 107), Note 8 states that the contractor shall furnish a 332L cabinet, but the specs indicate Caltrans will provide 332L cabinets. Can you confirm one way or the other?
Inquiry submitted 08/03/2018

Response #1:
(#1)-Your inquiry has been received and is being reviewed.
Response posted 08/03/2018

Response #2:
Please bid per the current contract documents.
Response posted 08/06/2018

Inquiry #2: Hello,

Please advise when and how Caltran will light (run data across) the fiber that is being installed. Will this be on a separate project? If so please provide a contact.

Thank you

Inquiry submitted 08/07/2018

Response #1:
(#2)-Your inquiry has been received and is being reviewed. If a response is not posted before bid opening addressing your inquiry, please bid per the current contract documents.
Response posted 08/07/2018

Response #2:
Contractor is responsible to test and deliver an operational fiber optic communication system at the completion of the project. There will not be another project for data transmission and system operation.
Response posted 08/07/2018

Inquiry #3: Please let me know how the "Time Total" generated in the "Proposal Sites Folder" of Expedite Bid is applied to the selection of low bidder and contracts awarded? Does the money in the Time Total get paid out to the contractor?
Inquiry submitted 08/08/2018

Response #1:
(#3)-Bid opening was on August 7th before this bidder inquiry. No further information is available.
Response posted 08/09/2018

The information provided in the responses to bidder inquiries is not a waiver of Section 2-1.07, "JOB SITE AND DOCUMENT EXAMINATION" of the Standard Specifications or any other provision of the contract, nor to excuse the contractor from full compliance with the contract. Bidders are cautioned that subsequent responses or contract addenda may change a previous response.

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