District 9 Project Delivery

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Project Delivery

The California Department of Transportation (Caltrans) implemented Program/Project Management (PPM) to enhance project control and to maximize the use of limited resources. The objective is to establish realistic project goals and then to control the progress of work such that a quality project is delivered within the established scope, within planned budget and on schedule.

PPM in District 9 consists of three units, Project Managers, Project Management Support Unit and Local Assistance.

Project Managers are responsible for the scope, cost and schedule of projects. A single Project Manager is assigned to control all elements of the project development process for a specific project. This means the Project Manager is responsible for all project development steps from project initiation to completion of construction. A Project Manager will normally be assigned before the project initiation process begins.

Project Management Support Unit (PMSU) provides assistance to the Project Managers in managing their individual projects from establishing an Expenditure Authorization Account for the project to the finalization of the Account. PMSU also manages the various programs under which projects are funded.

Local Assistance provides assistance to regional and local agencies to ensure that all funds designated for use by these agencies are used in a timely and cost effective manner. They also make sure the funds are used for the purposes intended, consistent with social, economic and environmental goals.

The Development of a Project

To learn how Caltrans builds projects, see How Caltrans Builds Projects

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