Caltrans District 9 Office of Local Assistance

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Office of Local Assistance

The Local Assistance Office is responsible for providing federal and state funding to local agencies for the development and construction of transportation projects on their local street and road system. The Office works with federal, state, and local agency personnel to advance projects from planning through construction.

The Office provides engineering, environmental, and administrative support to the local agencies, and serves as their primary contact for policy and procedures, program management, and project implementation.

District Staff

Deputy District Director of Planning - Ryan Dermody
Forest Becket, Office Chief (760) 872-0681
Program Management
Kern County (East)
Active Transportation Program
Highway Safety Improvement Porgram
Discretionary Programs (FLAP, etc.)
Emergency Relief Program
Cooperative Work Agreements (CWA)
Sardar Khan
District Engineer
Damon Cherenzia
District Engineer
Ben Downard
Environmental Coordinator
Mono County
Inyo County
City of Bishop
City of California City
DBE Coordinator
ADA Coordinator
Town of Mammoth Lakes
City of Tehachapi
City of Ridgecrest
Annual Maintenance Review (field)
Highway Bridge Program
A&E Contracts
NEPA Coordinator
LP 2000 Coordinator
Annual Maintenance Review (office)
Training Coordinator
Functional Classification/Maintained
Local Assistance Environmental Senior Local Assistance Right of Way Support
Angie Calloway
Senior Environmental Planner
Tanisha Barfield
Senior Senior Right of Way Agent
Julie Nellis
Right of Way Coordinator

Programs / Manuals / Forms

All things Caltrans Local Assistance, including: funding programs, manuals, guidelines, compliance programs, training information, forms, etc. are available at:
Caltrans Local Assistance Program.

Inactive Project Information

In order to avoid "Inactive Obligations" on Federal Aid funded projects, agencies need to submit timely progress invoices. The following link provides a weekly updated status of inactive projects:
Caltrans Local Assistance Inactive Projects.

Completed Local Projects

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District 9 Program

District 9 Local Assistance provides services to local agencies in Inyo, Mono, and Eastern Kern Counties. With a staff of four, the District's Local Assistance branch works in partnership with the Regional Transportation Planning Agencies for each county and serves as the primary point of contact for local agencies to assist them with their federal or state funded projects from project development to project completion.

Office Mailing Address
District 9 Office of Local Assistance
500 South Main Street
Bishop, CA 93514
500 South Main Street
Bishop, CA 93514
Office of Local Programs - Headquarters
1120 N Street
PO Box 942873
Sacramento, CA 94274
Office of Local Programs - Accounting
1050 20th Street
PO Box 942874
Sacramento, CA 94274
Office of Local Programs - Audit
1050 20th Street
PO Box 942873
Sacramento, CA 94274

District 9 Local Agency Information

For local agency and/or project-specific information, please contact the local agency directly. Contact information and website links are listed below:

Local Agency/Phone Mailing Address Link to Web Site
City of Bishop
(760) 873-8458
P.O. Box 1236
Bishop, CA 93515
City of California City
(760) 373-7297
21000 Hacienda
California City, CA 93505
Inyo County
(760) 872-0201
P.O. Drawer Q
Independence, CA 93526
Town of Mammoth Lakes
(760) 934-8989
P.O. Box 1609
Mammoth Lakes, CA 93546
Mono County
(760) 932-5440
P.O. Box 457
Bridgeport, CA 93517
City of Ridgecrest
(760) 499-5080
100 W. California Ave.
Ridgecrest, CA 93555
City of Tehachapi
(661) 822-2200
115 S. Robinson Street
Tehachapi, CA 93561
Kern County
(661) 868-3198
1115 Truxtun Ave., 5th Floor
Bakersfield, CA 93301
Kern County Website

Useful Links

Statewide Alerts and Other Information

Contact Information

General Information:

Phone: (760) 872-0601
FAX: (760) 872-0678

Physical Address:

California Department of Transportation
District 9
500 S. Main Street
Bishop, CA 93514

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