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Park 101


PARK 101, a vision formulated in June 2008, is a progressive urban planning concept to meet the unique characteristics of downtown Los Angeles. It is an innovative concept to reconnect a downtown area that was split by the construction of the US 101 Freeway.

PARK101 District is a visionary urban design solution to “cap” a half-mile length of U.S. 101 in Downtown Los Angeles. The PARK 101 District, capitalizes on an exceptional opportunity for urban revitalization at Southern California’s most ambitious High Speed Rail Transit Oriented Development (TOD) at Union Station, in Downtown Los Angeles. 

Key stakeholders involved in making PARK 101 a "reality" include the California Department of Transportation (Caltrans), City of Los Angeles, Southern California Association of Governments (SCAG), Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority (Metro), and EDAW (a major urban design company).


City of Los Angeles



  • City of Los Angeles
  • SCAG
  • Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transit Authority (Metro)
  • Compass Blueprint Park 101 Website
  • Friends of Park 101 



    New Update:


    The Phase 2 Study is currently underway and may be viewed here.

    The study will deliver a "roadmap" for approvals and implementation steps required to create a truly compelling front door to PARK 101 District and downtown Los Angeles.


    • Traffic and Vehicular Circulation Analysis
    • Governance model case studies
    • Continuation of community outreach
    • Build momentum for overall project
    • Inter-departamental coordination

    The proposed study seeks to understand the key issues and/or “fatal flaws” of traffic/vehicular circulation, and project governance by bringing together key agencies in local, county, state and federal government to fully understand the issues and develop a clear understanding of their roles moving forward in the process by providing pros and cons of alternative "governance" (options e.g. Joint Powers Authority (JPA))  for consideration by the multiple agencies having jurisdiction over parts of the District. The study is expected to be completed summer, 2012.





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    An economic Feasibility Study funded by the State Regional Blueprint Program/Southern California Council of Governments' Compass Blueprint Program was completed for the PARK 101 District freeway cap concept in August, 2010. To review this report, please click here.



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