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Alamitos Bay Bridge Improvement Project

New New Alternative Added!

The Alamitos Bay Bridge is located on State Route 1, in the City of Long Beach a north-south arterial that provides interregional, recreational, commuter, truck access and local travel through an urban corridor. The Bridge was built in 1959 and has been subjected to harsh wear and tear. It is seismically vulnerable at the joints and columns. In addition, it has substructure vulnerabilities which include scour, differential settlement and erosion of the channel banks. Considering all of the above, the Bridge is identified as seismically deficient and is highly likely to fail during maximum credible earthquake.


Project Map

Project Map

Improvements to the bridge are needed to enhance the safety of the structure and to maintain the level of service. Three alternatives are proposed for the project:

  • 1. No Build Alternative – there would be no changes to the existing bridge.
  • 2. Bridge Retro¬fit Alternative – the existing bridge would be repaired and strengthened to meet current seismic standards.
  • 3. Bridge Replacement Alternative - the existing bridge would be replaced with a new, wider bridge that meets current AASHTO standards and CALTRANS seismic standards.

Caltrans is initiating studies for this project. A joint Initial Study/Environmental Assessment is being prepared pursuant to CEQA (California Environmental Quality Act) and NEPA (National Environmental Policy Act). Caltrans is the lead agency under CEQA and NEPA.


Project Scoping



A Bridge Replacement with Limited Width Alternative (Alternative 4) has been added to the project as the result of some agency and public comments. Under this alternative, the proposed bridge would be similar to the other Bridge Replacement alternative except that the new bridge would be approximately 103 ft. wide instead of approximately 116 ft. wide. Please click the following links for the preliminary cross section map(PDF) for this alternative.




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