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A Corridor System Management Plan (CSMP) is a comprehensive, integrated management plan for increasing transportation options, decreasing congestion, and improving travel times in a transportation corridor. A CSMP includes all travel modes in a defined corridor – highways and freeways, parallel and connecting roadways, public transit (bus, bus rapid transit, light rail, intercity rail) and bikeways. Intelligent Transportation Technologies (ITS) are also discussed; these include ramp metering, coordinated traffic signals, changeable message signs for traveler information, incident management, bus/carpool lanes and car/vanpool programs, and transit strategies. CSMP success is based on the premise of managing a selected set of transportation components within a designated corridor as a system rather than as independent units. Each CSMP identifies current management strategies, existing travel conditions and mobility challenges, corridor performance management, planning management strategies, and capital improvements.

A CSMP differs from a Transportation Concept Report (TCR), another type of long-range planning document, in that the CSMP is a more comprehensive, involving the development of strategies to manage the delivery of transportation services along specific segments of the most congested corridors in the District. These are typically high-use, regional facilities, that serve as important goods movement corridors. A TCR analyzes a transportation corridor service area, establishes a twenty-year transportation planning concept and identifies modal transportation options and applications needed to achieve the twenty-year concept, but is a more generic analysis document. Beyond the twenty year planning horizon, the report focuses on corridor preservation, the ultimate transportation corridor, and new technologies.

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Three more are underway; these will be placed at this same location when final.

CSMPs are described in more detail on the “Frequently Asked Questions” page.

CSMP Contact

JOANNE STRIEBICH, Senior Transportation Planner
joanne.striebich@dot.ca.gov, (559) 488-4347
Chief, Corridor System Management Plans and Special Projects


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