Sloat Boulevard Resurfacing and Safety Enhancement Project

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Caltrans, in cooperation with the San Francisco Municipal Transit Agency, has initiated a major safety enhancement project on Sloat Boulevard (State Highway 35) in San Francisco. The project will benefit pedestrians, cyclists and motorists with a host of safety improvements.

The project limits are between 19th Avenue and Lakeshore Avenue. Among the improvements are updated signalization, ADA compliant sidewalks, installation of a HAWK crosswalk system, curb extensions (bulbouts), and high visibility crosswalk markings. This project will also grind and replace the current pavement with rubberized asphalt that utilizes recycle automobile tires in the mix.

There will be some minor modifications to bus stops including relocation of some of the bus shelters. The Caltrans contractor, Graniterock, is currently performing pothole repairs along Sloat Boulevard in preparation for the construction, which is set to begin on April 17, 2017.

Caltrans and SFMTA anticipate a completion date in the early part of September, 2017.

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