I-80 Shield I-80 Meridian and Midway Bridges-Vacaville

Midway Road Bridge

The California Department of Transportation (Caltrans) has REVISED its summer 2017 construction plans regarding the Midway Road Bridge (#23-0254) and the nearby Meridian Road Bridge (#23-0147). Both bridge are located above eastbound and westbound Interstate-80 (I-80) in and near Vacaville.

Due to the presence of endangered species near Midway Road and I-80, Caltrans will NOT demolish the Midway Bridge this summer as previously announced.

Instead, Caltrans will begin retrofit work on the Meridian Road Bridge. The work on the Meridian Bridge will require Caltrans to CLOSE the Meridian Bridge continuously for approximately three to four months during the retrofit work.

This project will retrofit the existing Meridian Road Bridge and will eventually demolish and rebuild the Midway Road Bridge. The work will seismically retrofit these bridges and bring them up to the latest seismic safety standards.

Meridian Road Bridge Closure-Detour Routes
After the partial demolition of the Meridian Road Bridge, Meridian Road across I-80 will be closed continuously for 3-4 months.

During the retrofit of the Meridian Road Bridge, the Midway Road Bridge above I-80 and just east of the Meridian will remain open and serve as a general detour.

Work on the Meridian Bridge is estimated to start in May 2017 and be completed in summer-late fall 2017. The Midway Road Bridge will eventually be demolished, rebuilt and temporarily closed after the work on the Meridian Bridge is completed.

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