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District 11

Aug. 29, 2016

Contact: Hayden Manning, (619) 688-6670

RV Dump Stations at San Diego Rest Areas to Permanently Close

SAN DIEGO—Caltrans is permanently closing the recreational vehicle (RV) sanitation systems (dump stations) at the Interstate 5 Aliso Creek Rest Area and the Interstate 8 Buckman Springs Rest Area on Monday, Sept. 12. The rest area restrooms and drinking fountains will remain open.

At the Aliso Creek Rest Area, the sewage from the restroom and the RV dump station is regularly monitored and it’s been confirmed that the sewage contains inconsistent materials that is caused by illegal dumping. Caltrans reviewed possible treatment options (offsite/onsite) to comply with current wastewater quality standards for wastewater treatment, but all options were costly, maintenance intensive and not guaranteed to meet standards.  

At the Buckman Springs Rest Area, the sewage from the restrooms and the RV dump station is treated onsite by a wastewater treatment system. The water quality is routinely tested and is required to meet current water quality standards. Following a recent review of the analysis, the ground water does not meet these standards and Caltrans is in violation of the wastewater discharge permit. The samples indicate a high level of preservatives and other chemicals present in RV wastewater holding tanks. Treatment of the RV wastewater sewage will require expansion of the existing treatment. Caltrans has determined it is cost prohibitive and the RV dump station facility will be permanently closed.

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