State Route 132 Dakota Avenue to Gates Road Project



The project will construct an access-controlled facility (expressway) adjacent to the existing State Route 132 (SR-132) alignment or on new SR-132 new alignment, or a freeway/expressway on new SR-132 alignment. The project is in western Stanislaus County, 3.1 miles east of the San Joaquin River Bridge, extending from the Dakota Avenue/Kansas Avenue intersection to the Gates Road/SR-132 intersection.

The project will begin at the intersection of Dakota and Kansas, then go west on Kansas and connect to Gates, or go south down Dakota and connect with the existing SR-132, and extend to SR-132 and Gates. There are two alternatives adjacent to the existing SR-132 and two alternatives adjacent to Kansas.

SR-132 has experienced an increase in traffic due to the rise in commuter traffic, which transports residents from their affordable housing in the Sn Joaquin Valley to higher-paying jobs in the Bay Area. That has resulted in congestion and an increase in collisions during the peak commute period. This project is intended to connect this stretch of SR-132 to the SR-132 West Expressway Project, which will extend from SR-99 in Modesto to Dakota and is scheduled to begin construction in Spring 2019


This project will provide a route for improving mobility west and east through western Stanislaus County, connecting SR-99 in the City of Modesto to Interstate 5; Provide adequate capacity for the regional movement of traffic and goods; Enhance the local road network that would accommodate local agricultural traffic; Provide consistency with existing and planned local, regional and interregional transportation planning by implementing the planned transportation concept facility.

Increasing growth and traffic demand has generated existing and forecasted traffic operations deficiencies for the existing two-lane conventional highway. Also, the traffic collisions fatality rate is higher than the statewide average for a similar type of facility. The facility has several rural driveways along the highway that create more conflict movements for mainline traffic, including truck traffic.


The project estimate ranges from $78 million to $143 million, depending on the alignment chosen. A range of costs is typical in the planning phases until more detailed studies can be completed and a preferred alternative is selected.


Construction is scheduled to start in 2025, with the project expected to be completed in 2027.


For information on the related State Route 132 West Project, please visit Caltrans’ project website at 


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