2017 Outstanding Management and Engineering in Transportation Award Winners

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The Outstanding Management and Engineering in Transportation Awards, also, known as the Moskowitz, Purcell, Rhyner and Roberts awards recognize valued contributions to the field of transportation by Caltrans registered engineers, engineering managers and nonengineering managers.

The Karl Moskowitz Award

Sean Campbell, Senior Transportation Electrical Engineer (Specialist)
Caltrans Division of Research, Innovation and System Information

Caltrans Senior Transportation Electrical Engineer Sean Campbell
Sean Campbell

Sean has been a tireless champion for ensuring that Caltrans’ Intelligent Transportation System field elements are operating and well-maintained. Sean’s contributions have been crucial in enabling the traveling public to receive accurate, timely and reliable information about highway conditions and has allowed Caltrans to better manage the existing system by giving the Department the tools and information it needs to make more informed decisions. Sean is also one of the founders and key organizers for the Western States Rural Transportation Technology Implementers Forum, an annual event that attracts participants from the western United States.

The Karl Moskowitz Award recognizes outstanding Caltrans engineers. Mr. Moskowitz served as a Caltrans traffic engineer for 27 years. Much of his work in freeway design and traffic flow was at the start of the Interstate Highway Program and was used extensively by planners and engineers nationwide.


The Charles H. Purcell Award

Adnan Maiah, Deputy District Director, Capital Outlay Support Program
Caltrans District 12

Deputy District Director Adnan Maiah, Capital Outlay Support Program District 12
Adnan Maiah

Adnan has dedicated more than a quarter of a century to strengthening the engineering profession by mentoring fellow engineers and playing a role in developing and implementing innovative transportation projects in Orange County. Throughout his career, Adnan has been a strong advocate for continued education of Orange County’s engineers. He leads a team of more than 350 engineers, technicians, environmental planners and administrators with a shared vision. Adnan’s expertise has been key in successfully delivering numerous high-profile and complicated projects in Orange County, including the first design-build project completed on an active California freeway.

The Charles H. Purcell Award recognizes Caltrans engineering managers. Mr. Purcell served as California’s State Highway Engineer from 1928 to 1943 and as Director of Public Works until 1951. He established California’s extraordinary record of leadership and integrity in transportation engineering and guided the construction of the original San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge and the State Highway System.


The Emerson Rhyner Award

Clark Paulsen, Chief
Caltrans Division of Accounting

Clark Paulsen, Chief Caltrans Division of Accounting
Clark Paulsen

Clark understands all financial aspects of Caltrans’ complicated financial structure and establishes strong partnerships with local, state and federal agencies. His financial expertise, leadership, integrity and impeccable work ethic has earned the trust and respect of transportation stakeholders who have had the pleasure of working with him. Providing accurate and timely financial services and information are vital for projects needed to keep our transportation system safe, reliable and sustainable for the traveling public. Clark’s leadership has helped Caltrans ensure that transportation projects are delivered and fiscal accountability is maintained.

The Emerson Rhyner Award recognizes non-engineering Caltrans managers for their contributions to transportation. Emerson Rhyner was Deputy Chief of the Division of Right of Way and the Legal Division for California’s Division of Highways in the early 1960s. His efforts as a Caltrans legislative liaison helped define the relationship between state and national interests and established the roles of state and local governments in the early days of freeway system development.


The James E. Roberts Award

Dr. Lian Duan, Technical Specialist
Caltrans Division of Engineering Services

Dr. Lian Duan, Technical Specialist Caltrans Division of Engineering Services
Dr. Lian Duan

Dr. Duan’s contribution to California transportation is threefold: solving highly technical problems for the Seismic Retrofit Program; managing, editing and reissuing Caltrans’ Bridge Design Practice Manual; and providing tireless support for steel bridge-related innovations. Dr. Duan’s contribution to the field of structural engineering was recognized by the American Society of Civil Engineers in 2001 with the coveted Arthur Wellington Prize. Leaders across the nation know Dr. Duan for providing thorough and expert comment, and he has proposed and guided research leading to time and material savings in seismic retrofit and to cost-effective seismic-resistant new steel bridge designs.

The James E. Roberts Award recognizes Caltrans' registered engineers' outstanding contributions in transportation structures. Mr. Roberts was a structural engineer and manager for more than half a century, including 15 years as California’s State Bridge Engineer. He spearheaded Caltrans’ $4.5 billion seismic retrofit program, oversaw nearly $50 million in seismic research projects and was the only state-employed engineer to be named to the National Academy of Engineering. He retired in 2001 as Chief Deputy Director.


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