2018 California State Rail Plan

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Native American Outreach

An important component of Caltrans statewide planning process, including outreach for the 2018 Rail Plan, is engagement with Native American Tribes. Caltrans goals for tribal engagement as part of the 2018 Rail Plan include:

  • Early, timely and comprehensive Consultation and outreach.
  • Participation in formal advisory committee discussions.
  • Ensuring that Native Americans are aware of and understand Caltrans' role in state rail planning and its vision for the state.
  • Implementation of a complementary and coordinated outreach program with ongoing tribal, regional, statewide and interstate planning efforts, to the extent feasible.

Consistent with these goals, Caltrans outreach and consultation to tribes as part of the 2018 Rail Plan includes:

  • Regular updates at the Native American Advisory Council (NAAC) meetings.
  • Appointment of three Native American Tribal Representatives from the Northern, Central and Southern parts of the state to serve on the Stakeholder Advisory Committee.
  • Tribal Listening Sessions and Webinars conducted in 2016 to solicit input and understand issues of concern early in the planning process. Caltrans will offer formal consultation at this stage if tribes express interest.
  • Invitations sent for formal consultation with all Native American and Tribal communities on the Draft Rail Plan more than 60 days before the draft was released in October 2017.
  • Native American groups are also invited to participate in the overall public outreach process.

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